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Peppermint Oil Uses

Peppermint essential oil offers a cooling sensation and provides a calming effect on our bodies, which may relieve sore muscles when used topically. Furthermore, it has antimicrobial properties therefore it can assist freshen smelly breath and soothe digestive issues. Peppermint is a hybrid species of spearmint and water mint (Mentha aquatica).
The following are some of the feedback from Radha Beauty Peppermint Essential Oil customer regarding Peppermint oil uses.

Radha Beauty Peppermint Essential Oil[Purchase]

By ProductReviewer0710 on September 3, 2015

The Radha Peppermint Essential Oil is a great value.

If you love essential oils, you will greatly appreciate this product. A quality oil with a reasonable price.

Packaging: The oil arrives safely, packaged in a solid box fitting for the size of the bottle. The bottle is securely enclosed in a tightened plastic seal. Comes with a glass dropper. Securely wrapped in bubble wrap.
Size: 4 Fl oz (120 ml)
Smell: Refreshing but not overwhelming
Uses: Here are some benefits that I have found.
Peppermint oil uses are widely varied as the oil is versatile non-toxic non-irritating oil.

Being antiseptic in nature, peppermint oil massaged on the scalp helps to remove dandruff and head lice in addition to its usual soothing cooling effect.

For relief from headaches, inhale a few drops of peppermint oil sprinkled onto a handkerchief or dabbed on your wrists. - some medications give me a headache. If I dab a bit on my wrists prior to taking, this problem has been avoided.

Applied to your face, peppermint oil keeps pimples away making blemish free healthy skin. My teenage son suffers from hormonal acne. We have implemented use of Peppermint Oil into his cleansing routine. It is more pleasant smelling than the typical acne products and not overly drying. We have seen great improvement by using this oil on the acne.

To relive nasal congestion from a cold, rub peppermint oil on the chest or add a few drops to a vaporiser.

Get rid of toothaches and bad breath when adding a couple drops of peppermint oil to your toothpaste. The oil has also been used in the treatment of gum disease.

The list goes on and on but this is some of what I have tried for use and it works!

I received this item at a discount for my honest review. The cost of the item in no way altered my opinion. My review is based upon experience using the product.

By Angela Williamson June 27, 2016

I have ordered this oil quite a few times now and it is great!! During the Spring/Summer spiders seem to be at their worst where I live. So after doing some research I decided to give Peppermint Oil a try. This brand in particular is GREAT for repelling spiders, mice, and other insects. I have even started ordering it for other family members and they love this as well.

Peppermint Oil Benefits and Uses - YouTube

By PCF on January 24, 2016

This smells pretty much like Peppermint Oil, though not the same scent that makes me think of and want to eat a peppermint candy. :) I've used this product medicinally, which is what I buy it for, and it's at a great price for the size so I will buy the Radha Peppermint Oil again. I use a little more than I'm used to but it does the trick. It alleviates my migraines & sinus headaches, painful joints and muscles, and breathing issues, plus it can be diffused, used in homemade deodorant and toothpaste, etc. I apply it to my chest for lung pain and to help prevent or heal congestion, neck for a sore throat, back, neck and fingers for aches & mobility, head for migraines & sinus headaches, etc. I've used it directly (I can handle peppermint oil that way, not saying others should) and use it in a roll-on I make to carry with me all of the time, there I combine it with eucalyptus oil and a carrier. Also, the company has EXCELLENT customer service (on another product that I didn't like they offered a refund without my even asking for it), which is very important and makes me want to continue to do business with them. :-D

Peppermint Oil Uses - Benefits Of Peppermint Oil - YouTube

By SanaAngels on July 14, 2015

I love peppermint oil and I use it for almost everything. Peppermint oil might be the most versatile essential oil that I know. This is high quality oil and comes in a 4oz bottle with a dropper.

A few things you can use the peppermint oil for:

1) Hair Growth - Simply add some peppermint oil to your current shampoo and it can help stop hair loss and thinning. ( I've been doing that I do see result and I love the cooling sensation on my head.)
2) Sunburn Relief - You can mix peppermint oil with a bit of coconut oil and apply it directly to your skin, it will help to relief pain and support healthy skin renewal and give you a cooling sensation.
3) Freshen Bad Breath - Add a few drops in a glass of water and rinse your mouth. It's like homemade mouthwash
4) Bug Repellant - Peppermint oil is great for repellent bugs, ants, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, mice, and even lice will be repelled. You can add a few drops of the oil on the cotton ball and place it where the bug is and the bugs will go away. Or you can use a spray bottle, fill it with water and add the peppermint oil. Simply spray it where bugs is and the spray can be use as air freshener too.

That's just a few ways of using it and there's a ton more ways of using this awesome oil. I also love to add a few drops of peppermint oil to my diffuser and my room will smell great. Peppermint oil is an essential that I always have to keep around.

I received complimentary product in exchange an honest review. However, all opinions expressed here are my own. 

Radha Beauty Peppermint Essential Oil[Purchase]

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